Saturday, December 7, 2013

How to reach TP-Link Service Centre in Chennai

For a change, I thought I'd write something useful. I went to the TP-Link Service Centre in West Manbalam, it was quite an ordeal finding that place that I decided to write a post with the route so that someone else looking for it, might find it easier in the future.

Its located in a small dead-end street(what do they call it, cul-de-sac?) called Swamynathan Street. Its not listed on Google maps. If you are going from Mambalam railway station, take an auto, or be prepared to walk for a while.
From the station:
1. Get down the West Mambalam side(not the Ranganathan street side).
2. Find Station Road(which is the one that you'll find as soon as you come out the station and turn left).
3. Go straight through Station Road till you reach an intersection with Lakeview Road. Turn right here.
4. The first left from Lakeview road will be Jubilee road. Take that left and keep walking. There's a small S-bend. Keep walking past it.

5. You'll reach the end of that road, past Anjugham school. Take a right there.
6. The first left again, will be a street called Raju street. Keep walking till you find the 2nd right. That is Swamynathan street.
7. Almost the end of the street, on the left, is a small building called E-caps, which is the TP-Link service centre.

The map is as follows.
Of course, there are parallel streets that you can use.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Isn't it simple?

"You know I just realized." 
"Realized what?" 
"That its so simple." 
"What's so simple? " 
"We need only remember to board the bus." 
"Umm, do you need a doctor?" 
"Haha, no. Wait, let me explain." 
"We're standing in a bus stop. Listening to music. Like usual, like always. Someone comes by, and starts a conversation and you take off one ear of the headphones." 
"Its usually boring. So we go back to listening to music after a while. But sometimes, the conversation gets really interesting. You are enjoying it." 
"What does this have to do with the bus?" 
"The point is, after a while, that person boards the bus and leaves." 
"So we must board a bus as well. Not one that the person before boarded, but the one we were originally supposed to." 
"What if I forget that during the course of conversation? You said its so interesting and all that." 
"Yes precisely. That is why we must always remember to board the bus." 

The bus came. They boarded it. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It so happens that the people over at TNEB took the concept of randomness and its applications in industry a little too seriously. TNEB stands for Tamil Nadu Electricity Board if you didn't know. However the truly random powercuts of TNEB make it so famous worldwide that important cryptograhic applications are now replacing the flipping of a coin with "Whether there is power in Tamil Nadu or not?"

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. There is this contingency plan for whenever power fails. Its as follows.

Step 1: Check battery level in phone and laptop.

Step 2: Switch off all other plugged in devices on the spike buster except the laptop charger.

Step 3: No matter what charge the laptop has currently, jump for that cord and plug it in.

Step 4: Reduce brightness in laptop to minimum, stop Wifi and Bluetooth. Do the same for phone. Bluetooth might not apply in case.

Step 5: Call dibs on that one plug which is powered by the inverter. If there are siblings, get ready for war.

Step 6: If control over inverter plug is lost, subscribe for a daily mobile internet pack on phone(if you are not a regular user of mobile internet), and plug it in. Tether to internet.

Last and important step,

Step 7: Pray power comes back.

May your survive the power outage, ladies and gentlemen. These are tough times.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

One step forward, One step back

Recently, the inventor of the mouse prototype, Douglas Engelbart died. While there have been many eulogies, obituaries and praises stating that the mouse was the best invention after the computer, I beg to disagree.

Though, it cannot be refuted that the mouse is one of the iconic inventions ever, which almost changed the perspective of a computer, with GUI coming in, made it more user-friendly to the common man, I am going to take the computer geek's perspective here to stand on saying that the mouse is overrated.

Moving one's hand back and forth between the keyboard and mouse? Few things can be more irritating than it. It is funny how Microsoft had to develop a game called 'Solitaire' to make people understand the concept of 'drag and drop'. Who needs the middle button when you have space and shift+space? Page up and page down? Who needs left click when you have Enter? Who needs right click when you have the 'drop down list' key ( the one between right Alt and Ctrl ).

An online experience such as filling out a form, or a list, is almost twice as fast, using keyboard alone than keyboard+mouse. But again all this, this comes from a computer undergrad, who sits in front of the computer almost 12 hours a day, meaningfully during weekdays, and meaninglessly and aimlessly so, during the weekend. Maybe my hands are tuned towards using the keyboard better.

For me, the fundamental reason for moving away from Facebook is the absence of extensive keyboard shortcuts. Just 'L' and 'C' won't do, man! We need better. Twitter and GMail have recognized the potential of keyboard shortcuts and the speed one can achieve with them and have an amazing range of keyboard shortcuts.

All said, I don't hate the computer mouse, I just don't think it deserves the hype that it gets. Especially from the opportunistic pseudo intellectuals who scroll away everyday and come to praise it on the day of demise of its founder alone.

RIP Douglas Engelbart.Your contribution made the computer experience better to the common man.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

21 years later

July 2nd, 1992. My parents' wedding anniversary.

Got my first stipend at Microsoft.

Some days are special, but some are uniquely so. This belongs to the latter.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Visual Treat

And finally after 3 weeks of its release, we booked tickets to Man of Steel in Hyderabad's famed IMAX at Prasadz Mall. Must say, it was a wonderful experience. After a little hiccups in the route to reaching the theatre, a small comedy of errors, we reached there and met our friends who were to join us for the movie. Here's what I thought about the movie:

It was an absolute visual treat, probably the best movie that I've seen in 3D. I'm a big time Nolan fan, and like him, I don't favour 3D that much. Avengers' 3D didn't impress me. It gave me the headaches. But Man of Steel was different. I actually liked the 3D experience without getting a headache. The theatre was as awesome as it as rumoured to be; though we could've enjoyed a little better had we gotten seats a little farther from the screen ( we sat in the fifth row from the screen and there was no sufficient space between the first row and the screen - poor people whose necks would've hurt sitting in the first row).

As for the movie itself, I kinda liked it, though it wouldn't be in my "Movies to watch a second time" or "Favourite movies". Definitely felt the tinge of Nolan with the non-linears here and there and the development of Clark Kent as a troubled child. It was a new approach and it paid off, unlike previous renditions which supposed Kal-El to be innately comfortable using his prowess and skills. The development of Zod was good in the way that he was potrayed a little stronger than Superman. The super scale damage was typical of Snyder and was a little taken too far, but it was definitely better than "spinning the world backwards to reverse time" crap. I won't be putting any spoilers here, for the sake of poor souls who mightn't have watched yet.

The story, Goyer's rendition was pretty good and could've done with a little better screenplay. As for the downside of the movie, it was Lois Lane through and through. I mean, what the hell man? She is like this Pullayar kovil (Vinayagar temple) appearing at every corner. It was an eyesore. You don't see Rachel helping Batman defeat scarecrow, do you? The whole point of Lois Lane seemed to be forced and quite unnecessary.

However, it was overall a nice experience and my personal opinion is that Henry Cavill might just be the best Superman yet. Definitely looks super cool in the suit. Looking forward to the Justice League movie, even more after reportedly Bale reprising his role of Batman. Do watch, at least for the 3D :)

P.S.: I don't miss the underwear.

P.P.S.: Hans Zimmer = God. What epic background score! :-o \m/

Friday, May 31, 2013

Pride? No, shame actually.

This samacheer system is a complete failure and waste of good intellect. I've felt it when I teach the kids, how much good, interesting and important portions are left out in the syllabus. These ten of thousands of centum marks are not an indicator of success. They are indicative of failure. One does not achieve success by lowering the standards. It is like pros playing amateur sports. This is spoiling the next generation.

While it is agreeable that the syllabus that previously existed wasn't the best either, it was surely better than what exists today. The samacheer science book which I have read through, is a complete joke. Those who are proud of your kids scoring centum marks, please reconsider. It is not something great. A kid studying 8th standard can be coached to get the same, in 2 months time. I can vouch for it.

Building such a shaky base is the main reason people slack off in their college. Don't blame the college system and the bad teachers in college. That's not the entire story.

Frankly, much disappointed in the 10th board results that were released today. If 29000 people scored centum in math, what the fuck is special about it? What is there to be announced in news with such pride?

Think twice. Don't throw the education system to the dogs. If not already. These kids deserve better. They are bright. They can learn much more. 75 odd state ranks is not something to be proud of. The kid who scored 498/500 will still probably not be happy because his achievement is split with 9 people in a system that is designed for everybody to pass, not the bright to excel.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Who I Am

Its been quite a while since I've blogged. Writer's block? அதுக்கு மொதல்ல writer ah இருக்கணும் ல? Anyway, this is an attempt at resuming the blog, keeping it going, for this is by far the thing(read hobby ) that has lasted more than one year and I would like to keep it that way. This is going to be more like a rant (Oh dear, already started hasn't it?) but I'll try to keep it as short as possible.

The source of this post came from a face-walling epiphany that I had just a few days back when I was clearing up space on my computer by deleting movies that I had at more than 1 location. I ended up having 2 copies of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban and was watching both to decide which was the better quality, to keep and delete the other.

In came, Sirius Black. I have always loved JK Rowling's characters and their corresponding casting in the movies ( though I hate the movies a lot for their plot deviations, inconsistencies with the books ). I hadn't paid much detail into who played Sirius Black because I was in 9th if I recall correctly when I saw Prisoner of Askaban for the first time and I hadn't seen Nolan's Batman until when I was in 12th.

The epiphany came, when I realized that Commissioner Gordon in Nolan's Batman franchise was Sirius Black here in the HP universe. Quite trivial for someone who'd watched both BB and HP-PoA at around the same time, but I face-walled at my ignorance till now. Then I realized how much difference one pair of spectacles make. Gary Oldman __/\__

Spectacles, have occupied a very important part in fiction, largely due to Superman.

Man + Spectacles = Clark Kent.
Clark Kent - Spectacles (+ hidden costume make overs) = Superman.

Then another epiphany (Double, yeah, tough to handle). The technical probability of my being Superman, was much better than me being Batman.

I'm Superman B-) (because being Batman and Ironman are too mainstream.)

P.S.: The author is a fan of Batman and worships Nolan. Those who are in a trolling mood are strictly advised to study for their semester exams. Thank you.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

One Million Digits

This was a fun thing to do on the otherwise boring afternoon.

I was randomly surfing Quora when I received a notification on a question which I'd seen and followed for its humour a while ago and the answer goaded at my curiosity.

When I went to this particular website, the website challenged me to find the particular HTML page where the actual 1,000,000 digits were present. First the website, mockingly and tantalizingly told me to follow the index2.html and inde3.html URLs, which quite obviously didn't have the million digits.

Now, I was irked. A little Googling hack that I'd learned a while back came handy now. I copied the URL of the website, went to Google, and did this.
When searched with "intitle:index.of", Google displays indexed websites on servers which match the search query, and lo and behold, only one search result. After that, it was only matter of clicking the search result, opening the folder containing the website and viewing the 1 million digits.

Not a great accomplishment or anything, I know, but still, it was fun :D

Monday, March 25, 2013

Brace Yourselves!

No, this is not going to be a post on Game of Thrones, though I'm eagerly awaiting Season 3, which is about to come out this Sunday. Waiting for a TV series, without reading the book ( similarly with manga and anime ) is quite tough but is, at most times, worth the wait. But then, let me not go into something that I claim that this post is not about.

For the past 2 days, there have some really happy teenagers, whose face reactions remind me of these 2 memes.

Seriously, this is the reaction on the faces of those when their parents hand out the keys to their bikes ( Yes, they have bikes already :3 ) or their smartphones ( Oh, don't even get me started ).

The HSC exams ended a couple of days back and to be quite frank, it is only normal that these kids think that they are freed of some serious burden, responsibility and pressure. However, they do seem to have some misconceptions. There are a few general categories, that these "free-birds"( from some random Facebook status )  fall into.

1. The hyperventilating kind : Okay, maybe you screwed up very badly. So, don't bother hyperventilating every time you think about your exams and not sleeping till the day the results are released.

2. The nervous kind : The genuinely nervous kind who know what mistakes they made, and are quite normal about the acceptance and hope that the mistakes don't cost dearly. The performers come under this category mostly.

3. The "Screw-it" kind : The ones to whom these exams were never a big deal in the first place, because making it a big deal would only make things worse.

The normal ones, if you ask me, are the second kind, but in general, to all 3, "WHATEVER HAPPENED, HAPPENED!". Don't gloat over it.

But what is common to all these 3 kinds is that, they think of college as some haven, where all freedom is unrestricted, they become these cool guys with nothing at all to bother about. That, my dear foolish-youngling, is a very very wrong notation.

I won't bother to delve into the specifics of what may/may not happen, but let me assure, college will be very different from your imagination. All I can say is,

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Confessions (n) : A supporting word which follows any institution/city/profession, made into a Facebook page and has random crap in it. It is usually followed by the same name with Proposals, and in some extreme cases, Matrimonials!

Off late, there has been a trend which has quite clearly shown how much percentage cowards and attention-seekers make up the Internet. This has been my viewpoint ever since there has been a plethora of confessions pages on Facebook.

The word confession means you do it to get it off your mind. It means you did something really bad, something that haunts your guilty conscience. You tell it to someone who might

(1) console you telling that it probably is not your fault.
(2) critically judge you, but you probably wanted it; that's why you confessed in the first place.
(3) end their relationship with you because they were directly affected; that probably again, was what you wanted, because you thought getting it out was better than living with guilt.

However, in this new trend, none of these are met. People who post there are either too jobless to do anything else ( Final years of colleges for those college pages ) or attention seekers who post under different names. Sometimes, these people can't even get their facts right in the story that they are cooking up.

Hell, if you are confessing, and you dont like something, you should shout out loud ! You won't name the person to whom the confession is intended, and obviously you wish to remain anonymous, then for what hair, are you posting? I can only think - " attention seeker ".

Sometimes, its so pathetic that the admins of these pages themselves post stuff, to get the barrel rolling. Half of the time, the confessions are not really confessions but supposedly-comic incidents that happened. At most 1 in every 50 is interesting. Others are so void, that even a seal wouldn't clap. And, I haven't even started talking about the Proposals page. What a drag.

However, those 1 in 50, which are really good, provide great timepass for a person who comes to take some time off at Facebook and relax.

To conclude, I think this says best.
To those who post and pretend to lament on these pages : You truly are hypocrites sirs and madams. Seriously, no one gives a fuck.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Out Loud

There is a guy. You notice him, but there isn't anything that is either queer or intriguing about him. Funny thing is, you can't take your eyes off this guy, and you don't know why. After a short while, the guy notices that you are watching him, there is a glow on his face. He approaches you. He doesn't introduce himself, but apparently is delighted to talk. The conversation begins.

He talks about you, he talks about his queer ideas, views and opinions. You begin to realize the reason for being sucked into this guy. As the conversation begins, you feel the unusual. The stuff he says isn't just out-of-the-way, they are eerie, probably creepy. You realize that he lives in a fantasy, a fantasy where he is happy, a fantasy that he has become one with, probably like the Matrix.

You slowly start to recount, and not only the creeps start, but also it is haunting. You want to leave, but you can't. You don't know if you are just too afraid, or that what he says might just make sense. The fantasy is inviting, tempting, but you know that once you enter, you can never come back.

Would you take his offer? He is probably just dreaming out loud.

This post is dedicated to CBC ( Chennai Bloggers Club ). There was a discussion about favourite songs. This one is one of my all time favourites. Enjoy listening :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Calm and the Storm

Finally, Kurukshetra 2013 ( K!13 ) has ended. It has been a truly wonderful ride. Planning, coordinating, question research, meetings, splits of laughter at random things ( excuse for relaxation ), proof-reading, goof-ups, the joy of breaking milestones, the pleasure of hearing compliments on the questions, and the satisfaction of successfully hosting 4 events! Riddles of the Sphinx, Sherlock!, Reverse Coding and  SciTech quiz :) It has been exhausting at times, tiring at others, but still very enjoyable.

Yes, the calm after the storm has come.

Somehow, today, the day after K! 13 has ended, I feel like Sindbad. Sindbad went on each adventure, surviving the storms and other dangers, finally returning home safe. At the end of each adventure, Sindbad would swear never to undertake such an adventure again, believing he preferred the calm to the storm. But then, an adventurer's heart is an adventurer's heart. The calm gets boring. Sindbad goes on another adventure.

I like to compare myself to Sindbad. Today, the day that I've waited for all the frenzy to end, has been uneventful. I am quite bored. Gearing up for another adventure? Let us see. From the start of my blog, all my posts have been for something at least, if not nothing. But for the first time, I have written this with no rhyme, nor reason, no point nor purpose, no message no moral; only because I'm bored. Waiting for Techofes! Before that, assessments, here I come! ( the adventure that I deserve, but not the one I need, right now) :-P

Friday, January 25, 2013

I Just Dont See The Point!

This has been as much on my mind as much as it has been in the recent news. I would have had to make a few disclaimers before starting, but then, who cares ? When there is utmost care, there is controversy. When will there be not?

This post is about 'Viswaroopam' and all that is surrounding it. I think there are a few valid points on my mind.

1. I am no die-hard fan of Kamal Hassan, but I like his acting. Some of his movies like Panchathanthiram, Pammal K Sambandham and Vasool Raja MBBS are timeless comedies. Epic, how many ever times you watch 'em. Having this in mind, I think there ought to be some respect for the man before you starting yelling, "Ouch, my sentiments are hurt."

2. The movie's censorship certificate was signed with a Muslim on board. If his sentiments were hurt, it would have been an issue with the censor board. I just don't get the point, so let me iterate what I've understood.
--> I haven't seen the movie, same goes for you.

--> I don't even know if I'll like the movie if I see it, same goes for you.

--> I dont think Kamal Hassan's itinerary goes like, "Today : make 2 scenes hurting Muslim sentiments."

So, what's wrong ? Which sentiments of yours exactly got hurt yet ?

3. Who exactly do you represent ? 100 % of your community ? Every single one of them ? All their sentiments are hurt ? How do you know ? You took a poll ? You asked them ? You know it by Divine Intervention ?

4. Maybe, it is all true. Maybe the movie does contain such scenes. But there is a way to handle all that. Let the movie release, observe the first day reviews, and if people feel so, then go ahead; ban it. Even permanently then. But what idiocy is this to ban a movie even before it has released ? Aren't you just being narrow-minded and skeptical ?

5. Every single rationally sane person has equal amount of respect for all religion and believes that the ultimate goal of all religion lead to God. Any person can judge if some particular sentiment has been hurt or not.

6. Kamal Hassan has been a man surrounded by controversies; public and private life. His different attempt at DTH release before theatrical release, was an attempt at publicity definitely, but the controversy surrounding that, would've been acceptable. The controversy that is going on right now, is the last thing Kamal Hassan would've ever wanted.

If you went all TL;DR style,

I think the ban is stupid. I don't agree with it. Who knows? Maybe even a few Muslims might agree with me. All things said, this is only my personal opinion and hence, if you don't agree with my viewpoint, I'm sure we can agree to disagree.

I really hope to watch the movie and decide for myself whether sentiments are hurt or not!